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Screening & Verification

Simple, easy health screening enables you to verify employees and visitors are safe to enter your building. If anyone fails a screening, you’ll know right away. In addition, you can help users understand when and why they need to stay out of your workplace—so everyone follows the rules.

  • Flexible Screening Methods

    Screen users for illness in multiple ways—via mobile app, SMS or email.

  • Custom Questions

    Create customized questions about symptoms and risks.

  • Adaptive

    Update questions to match changing user types, local rules and other circumstances.

  • Realtime Updates

    See who’s been screened and receive notification if someone fails.

  • Immediate Action

    Provide automated, customized advice about compliance to users who fail screenings.

  • Localization Supported

    Perform screening in multiple languages.

Question Builder

Presence Management

To maintain an illness-free workplace, you need to know who’s coming and going. You need to understand who’s been on site, and when. And you may need to limit how many people are allowed in your building. Make all of these tasks easier with Clear To Go’s flexible presence tracking tools.

  • Ensure Compliance

    Identify everyone currently on site and verify they’ve passed screening

  • Defensive Perimeter

    Track all entrances and departures from the work site, so you can trace the contacts of anyone who’s sick or under quarantine

  • Automated Check-in / Check-out

    Check employees or visitors in and out with an option that fits your workflow—integration with keycard systems, mobile digital badges or automated geofencing

  • Roll Call

    Conduct a manual roll call if you want more verification, such as a secondary temperature check

  • Capacity Tracking

    Receive automatic alerts when you near or reach limits on the number of people allowed on site

Geofencing / Capacity Tracking

Case Management

When someone fails a screening, what happens next? Strong case management allows you to monitor users’ status, understand their situations and bring them back when they’re safe and ready. These tasks can overwhelm HR staff armed only with spreadsheets—but Clear To Go’s simple tools make the process pain-free.

  • Workflow Tools

    Track cases through every stage of the process—from observation, treatment and recovery to final clearance

  • Real-time Alerts

    Receive automatic notifications about failed screenings

  • Audit Trails

    Add notes, documents and other information to the case record

  • Contact Tracing

    Record users’ contacts and create new cases manually

  • Follow Ups

    Set reminders to follow up with users at specific time intervals

  • Enforcement

    Prevent users from being screened again if the case is still open

Case Information

Workforce Availability

Illness and absences can hamper your organization’s ability to get things done. Clear To Go helps you assess employees’ availability and make informed decisions about your workforce. That way, you can keep operations running as smoothly as possible, even when workers are absent.

  • Staff Availability

    See who’s available to work and who isn’t

  • Remote vs In-Person

    Identify who can work on site, and who can work remotely

  • Resource Planning

    Anticipate when absent employees will be ready to return

  • Predict the Future

    View workforce gaps and trends

Workforce Availability

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