Manage Your Return to Work Program

Clear to Go! is the only software suite in existence that was purpose built to cover the work enviroment during COVID-19.

Return To Work, It's Complicated.

As businesses return to work, special care needs to be taken to do it safely. Many are throwing manual process and Excel at the problem. But this is just too big for a spreadsheet.

  • Have all employees screened daily

    Unless you are screening every employee, every day, you have a hole in your defences.

  • Have all visitors screened and checked-in

    Vendors, customers, and contractors inevitably must come on-site. How do you ensure they are following best practices?

  • Track cases & manage the response

    Screening employees will inevitably result in a positive case. What policies and procedures do you have in place to ensure the best possible outcome?

  • Update Health Records & HR Systems

    The number of people involved in updating information is higher than you would expect.

Can you imagine doing all this with Excel?

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Frequently asked questions

Is Clear to Go dictating what questions should be asked?

No. You can select recommended questions from Federal, State, or Local governments or provide your own custom screening questions.

Do you have mobile apps?

Yes. We have both iOS and Android apps. Additionally, we can screen via SMS which has a very low barrier to entry.

I'd like to prevent employees from entering the building unless they screen. Can Clear to Go help with that?

Yes! We provide integration with access control systems to enable & disable key cards according to screening.

We have facilities all over the world. How do you handle that?

Clear to Go provides translated apps and screening notifications in local timezones. We support large organizations with custom security roles, multi tier security, and custom integration where needed.

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