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Early Warning To
Protect Your Business

Keep your employees safe when on-site. Give your customers peace of mind.

Employee and Visitor Screening & Case Management

Keep your environment safe

Clear To Go helps employers manage risk, increase safety, and create effective responses to vulnerabilities in the workplace.

Employees and vendors are screened with your questions through our mobile app. That information is linked with a CLEAR TO GO! Badge that can be independently verified.

  • Custom Screening

    Before employees or vendors enter your property, they are screened via SMS or mobile app and receive a Clear to Go Badge. You can trust that your employees are protected and customers have peace of mind.

  • Case Management

    In the event that a employee fails screening, Clear To Go’s case management tool helps provide a central point to organize your team’s response. Ensure your team follows the established processes, protocols, tracks all documents, and communication.

  • Manage Risk

    Through early warning detection, case management, and coordinated response, you are reducing your liability and ensuring your people's safety.

  • Integrations

    Integrate with access control systems? Time tracking? Internal tools? Use the form below to talk about your needs. If it uses bytes, we can integrate with it.

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